Bolt Manufacturing engineers, designs and manufactures vineyard equipment right where it’s needed most

We’re in Paso Robles, California, the heart of the state’s fastest growing wine region. From spray rigs and pruners to organic injectors and bin dumpers, Bolt Manufacturing has the equipment you need to go from bare ground to productive vineyard.

With the cost of labor rising, getting the job done in less time without sacrificing quality has become the key to staying in business. Much of our equipment uses sophisticated and advanced hydraulics meaning you can see an increase in production while lowering your labor costs.

Bolt equipment is designed with the user in mind. Each piece is based on parts that are readily and easily available. This means when a repair is necessary you’re not sitting waiting for custom parts but are likely to find what you need at the local hardware store. Equipment is also built to American, not European specifications – no metric units here!

At Bolt, our engineers are always ready to listen to our customers. What looks right on the computer doesn’t always work that way in the field, and we want to make sure our equipment meets the needs of the farmers who actually use it.

Our line of vineyard equipment includes:

  • Bolt 1050 series – box pruners built for speed and efficiency
  • Organic injectors – inject organic material directly into the ground instead of spreading it on the surface
  • Bolt 300 and 500 series – over the row sprayers spray 2 rows at once
  • Bin dumpers – can handle up to 2000 lbs.
  • Bolt 60, 36 & 72 series – ground rippers
  • Cane cutters – designed for speed to increase production and lower labor cost
  • HPU 40 – self-contained hydraulic unit, mounts to the back of a tractor for added hydraulic capacity to drive almost any implement

If you need a piece of equipment we don’t make or have something in mind for another project, we also do custom manufacturing.