Bolt Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business in Paso Robles, California

Founder David Fort spent 30 years in the oil business designing drilling programs for new production fields all over the world. Following his retirement, he moved to Paso Robles to escape the confines of city life.

Not one to sit still for long, David soon noticed there was no source for hydraulics and bearings locally and no source domestically for vineyard equipment. Seeing the market potential in a vineyard and farming area, he opened Paso Robles Bearing and Hydraulics in 2005, and Bolt Manufacturing soon after that. The two businesses work side by side to build hydraulically operated vineyard equipment. His daughter Ashley is a key part of the daily operations of the company.

Bolt’s vineyard equipment is produced for the domestic vineyard market. It is designed to American, not European, specifications meaning units of measurement are Imperial, not metric. With high demand for vineyard equipment in the ever expanding California wine industry, most of their products are used within the state, although they can be shipped to any part of the country.